Skype Session with students of Romania

Skype in Classroom is one of the activities taken up by students of Delhi Public School, Chandigarh, under which a Skype Conference was organised with students of  Colegiul Național Matei Basarab School, Romania to mark India-Romania Children’s Friendship club set up with the help of Yuvsatta, an NGO. Through this Skype Project, students of both schools interacted and shared their daily schedule.

Students from both the schools shared facts about their countries and their governance. They discussed about environmental issues and both the schools planted trees and pledged to save the environment. They also discussed about popular sports in their countries such as football and cricket. The legend of Dracula which is very popular in Romania was also discussed with great enthusiasm.

Principal Reema Dewan appreciated the camaraderie shared by the students from both the schools. She also encouraged students to have more skype sessions with collaborative projects.