Class Nursery- Annual Show ‘Toon World’

Cartoons are an essential part of every childhood and without a doubt the most entertaining aspect in every child’s life. They help kids learn about the world around them.

Students of class Nursery of Delhi Public School Chandigarh put up the annual show “Toon World “ ,a story about Dora who heads on an expedition to meet different cartoon characters and makes bond with them.

The energetic performance of the tiny tots portrayed the exuberance of the children. The show witnessed hundred per cent participation thus giving each child an opportunity to showcase their talent and skills.

It was enthralling to watch 150 angels of Nursery singing and dancing in their vibrant costumes creating magic on the stage.

The children captured the heart of all present with their mesmerising performances. The school Principal, Ms Reema Dewan applauded the students on their fantastic performance and emphasized that such activities are important for the overall development of children. She also thanked the parent community for their support.