Class VIII Show-‘PanchTatva – The Dimensions’

Students of class 8 of Delhi Public School, Chandigarh celebrated their class show and Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony for the session 2017-18. Dr. Rashmi Garg Singh of Fortis Hospital, Mohali was the Chief Guest.

The students of class 8 dedicated their class show ‘Panchatatva- the dimensions’ to revel in the dimensions of life forces from which we arise and diminish into!

This was an effort to understand this cycle of nature. As they say humans are made of ‘Panch Tatvas’ – Fire, Wind, Sky, Earth and Water, hence, the need to  live for them, too – and have a little mastery of the five elements within us.

Around 300 students participated in the show. The young achievers were felicitated and applauded for excelling in academics, sports and co-curricular activities.

The chief guest, Dr. Rashmi Garg Singh, in her motivational speech applauded the students for their stupendous show. She urged the parents to provide ample opportunities to their wards to inculcate in them various soft skills to enhance their personalities.

The Principal, Mrs. Reema Dewan in her welcome note addressed the parents and apprised them about the school’s achievements and new initiatives to help students get more facilities to tap their potentials. She reiterated the fact that earth, water, air and sky are omnipresent, but the fire to excel lies within us. She stressed on the importance of co-curricular activities in shaping the overall personality of children which she feels is must to be successful in life. She further added that academic scores form only one dimension in life but is not the be all. She urged the parents to let their children relish every moment of their growing years.